If you come more than once a year to the BNW (and why wouldn’t you?) our new-and-improved Season Pass program is a great way to save on tickets. Plus, it gets you plenty of other perks available to no one else! Welcome to the in crowd, my friend.  Season Pass holders get it more! Learn more HERE!


* Call us at (612) 332-6620 to purchase your pass, PRONTO!
* Visit our box office in Downtown Minneapolis!
* YOU’LL BE ABLE TO BUY ONLINE VERY SOON and you won’t even have to put pants on!!

Season for ONE

Perfect for those with few friends or if you just want to be with someone special. This pass grants the holder a single ticket to all BNW mainstage shows for ONE WHOLE YEAR from date issued!

ONLY $85 …a 25% savings!  And check out the PERKS!

Season for TWO

Two passes are better than one.  This pair of season passes will grant each holder one ticket to each of our mainstage productions one year from date issued!

ONLY $155 …30% savings!  And check out the PERKS!

Season for FOUR:

Have so many friends you don’t know what to do with them?  We do!  This pair of passes grants each of the two holders, AND TWO ADDITIONAL GUESTS, a ticket to each of our mainstage productions for one year from the date issued!

Only $295 … a 35% savings!  And check out the PERKS


Finally, the Season Pass you have been waiting for is HERE!
This unlimited pass for the ultimate BNW fan allows the holder plus one guest to attend any mainstage performance, anytime, for an entire year!

$340!  Unimaginable Savings!  Unbelievable PERKS!