BNW History 1997

24 Sep 1997 :: Dudley Passes Along Theatre to New Generation of Owners

In 1997, Dudley Riggs passes along his theatre to a new generation of owners, John Sweeney, Jenni Lilledahl. The name of the historical theatre changes slightly to "The Brave New Workshop, founded by Dudley Riggs in 1958." The Brave New Workshop expands it's corporate services and products, growing the business from less than 15 events per year to more than a hundred!...

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BNW History 1985

24 Sep 1985 :: We’re Pretty Sure Something happened…

We're pretty sure that something happened in the 80's, but we can't remember it. We have posters of "The Why We War, Vietnam! The Musical", "National Velveeta Cheese, or What A Friend We Have in Cheeses" and "More Fun Than Baseball, Field of Wet Dreams", so we know it happened...

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BNW History 1975

24 Sep 1978 :: Atheism’s Not Lutheran

"Atheism Means Never Having To Say Your Luthern" opens offending just about everybody. The Brave New Workshop isn't shy when naming the sketch comedy shows, no wonder their first name is "Brave"....

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