Using an Improv Mindset Shruti Lives Life to the Fullest

I first heard about the Brave New Workshop Student Union through a co-worker. We took the Everyday Improv Level 1 class together. I am a systems engineer by trade. And the stereotype about engineers is that we are not outgoing or outspoken individuals. But, I notice that barrier being broken because of improv. Integrating improv tools and skills into my work and social life has helped me achieve a better balance.

Before improv I noticed that there were two things I would run away from in life: confrontation and commitment. Improv has allowed me to address these two components and make my response to flee less powerful. Thinking on my feet and being vocal are tools that improv gave me that are actively helping me overcome my weaknesses. The love I have for improv was unexpected and has continued to grant me  the tools I need to surmount the obstacles that stand in the way of me living life to its fullest.

Improv has helped me jump into new things. I’ve always dabbled in music – drums and singing especially. Recently, I performed (only having practiced a couple times). Prior to improv, I would not have gone on stage with such a limited amount of practice. But now I know that whatever happens on stage, I will be able to handle it.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a performer, you should absolutely try it. Improv challenges your limits in more than one sense. It allows you to be open to new ideas in your everyday life, to be brave enough to jump into situations that you would not have previously, and to showcase your strengths that you might not even have been aware you had. For me, improv has given me the confidence and creative toolbox to try new things and live more authentically.


Be Brave. Do Improv.