Theresa Applies Improv Skills to Her Personal and Professional Life

I first heard about improv classes at the Brave New Workshop from a friend who I met at another improv class. I was very excited to improve my improvisational skills, and pursue a more robust education. She recommended Brave New Workshop classes to me as the best improv education in the Twin Cities. To me, improv has functioned as a creative outlet and a way to expand my business. I am a professional motivational speaker and writer for businesses.

Improv reinforces my mindset to advance, expand, and grow. I also host workshops where we talk all about improv: listening, staying focused, being present, connecting with the people around you. We use improvisational techniques to be able to embody that. Improv has translated into my daily life seamlessly. The importance I place on improv allows me to excel personally and professionally by helping me stay keenly aware of my strengths and weaknesses.

My area of challenge in improv is managing the multiple trains of thought simultaneously. When I’m playing improv games or engaging in more complicated scene work, there are complex mental experiences that I am working to understand. On the other hand, I feel that I really excel at evoking characters’ emotions due to my energetic and empathetic nature. Improv is allowing me to let go of all the limitations I used to place on myself. I feel inspired to utilize my improvisation skills and translate them into my professional and personal life.

In this day and age – when we are increasingly negative, fractured, and disconnected from each other and from ourselves – there are ways we can make it better. Improv is the most powerful, healthiest, longest-lasting, and most emotionally impactful way to climb out of that dark disconnection. It allows you to really start to look at people, laugh with them, release stress and bring joy back into your life.

– Theresa Rose, BNW SU Student