Dustin’s Improv Journey to Unshakeable Confidence

Meet actor and Everyday Improv Level 2 student Dustin Barnes, who joined improv at a turning point in his life and hasn’t looked back since. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Dustin!

“I joined improv because I wanted to better communicate with others and also to, well to be honest, I bombed an audition and I said you know what? Let me give this improv thing a shot, and now I feel a lot more confident.

Since starting improv classes I feel like I’ve become more assertive and a lot more grounded in myself. I’ve worked on international cruise ships as a TV presenter for shopping the Duty-Free market so I wanted to stay in TV but do it on land, and you get in that rut where you’re so used to doing what you did before that you’re just in it, so when you try to change to something that’s new to you, you kind of freak out because you feel like ‘whoa I’ve never done this’…and then you do Improv Everyday Improv Level 1 and you’re like, I can take on the world! Move out of the way, I will fix this. I honestly feel like I could stop traffic and fix situations because of the confidence Everyday improv gives you.

If I were to talk to someone who was a little nervous or scared to try an improv class I would immediately stop them and say TRY IT. It’s going to be addicting and you’re never going to want to miss it, and you will lie to your boss and coworkers that you have to get out of work for some family emergency when it’s not, it’s Everyday Improv Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, you’ll find a way to spin it. I’ve met my only friends in Minnesota through these classes. I didn’t grow up here so I moved up here about two weeks before I started improv classes and now I have great friends through this!”

– Dustin Barnes, Everyday Improv Level 2
Be Brave. Do Improv.