Derek Embraces the Power of “Yes” in Life

I’ve taken Everyday levels 1-4, and have loved it so much that I keep on finding a reason to come back! I’ve always loved watching improv and have for years but never thought of myself as someone who would do something like that, so I decided to try to get out of my comfort zone and I took a sampler on a whim and it was fun enough that I decided to sign up for a full class and never looked back! Improv has helped me in a lot of ways, particularly career wise. I feel like I’m more productive and a lot more able to respond to all the things that get thrown my way every day because I’ve learned to say yes.

If I could talk to someone who was a little scared to try out improv, I would tell them improv is for everyone. It really is accessible and fun and there’s no pressure and at Brave New Workshop Student Union their priority is making it a safe and comfortable place for everyone. Before I started, I personally had a lot of reservations against it, but now I find it so rewarding.

– Derek Burrows Reise, Everyday Continuing Student (Everyday Graduate)
Be Brave. Do Improv.