Kyle Creates Great Habits

I am serving as an AmeriCorps member with Reading Partners. It’s an organization that uses 1:1 tutoring to raise the reading level of elementary age students who are behind. I’ve been doing it about six months.

Since I’ve started taking improv classes at Brave New Workshop Student Union, I’ve definitely noticed a stark difference or change in myself. I feel a lot more motivated not only to do improv but to do other activities that interest me, too. It was like once I started Everyday Improv classes I felt there was a spark and momentum to try new things.

Before taking improv classes, my daily routine was work – eat – sleep. I had hobbies and projects I wanted to engage in, but I found myself feeling dwarfed by the imposing prospect of trying something entirely new. As a student at BNW SU, I’ve been inspired to embrace these opportunities I had been long denying myself. Instead of turning away from potential challenges, I rush towards new experiences knowing that I have the tools to overcome those challenges when I encounter them.

Consistently going to improv once a week not only helped me to start forming better habits, but it helps my mood. Specifically, I can remember I came back to class from a term break. During the break, I didn’t do anything creative and was uninspired. When I started a new improv class I immediately felt the creativity again. It felt like “Yeah! I’m going to make things”. For me, it’s about the act of doing.

If I were to talk to someone who was scared to try improv for the first time, I would tell them everyone’s in the same boat as you. At first everyone’s scared of looking stupid. But, keep in mind everyone is a beginner! Improv is something that is positive and helps you create great, new habits.


– Kyle Decker, BNW SU Student in Everyday Improv Level 3
Be Brave. Do Improv.