Kristian Takes a Leap and Breaks Past Fear

I heard about improv through a coworker who had previously taken classes at BNW SU. One day we were making jokes at work, and she said that I should take an improv class.  Originally, I was unsure that I was ready to take the leap and try improv, but I eventually tried it on a whim.

I had a lot of fun in Everyday Improv Levels 1 and 2, but it was in Level 3 when I really felt challenged. In earlier levels, I felt good about my performances in class. In Level 3, you start doing more scene work. I just had a few weeks where I felt like I wasn’t being funny and improv wasn’t for me. I had one week where I almost skipped class, but I pushed myself to go and I ended up having an amazing time. My mindset completely changed, and improv became the highlight of my week.

Now I love doing scene work, specifically the physicality of scene work. I consider that to be my area of expertise in improv. I am constantly pushing myself to be a better improviser now. I am currently working on accents that I can use to play characters who are indistinguishable from me. It is fun and challenging to explore the various roles that I have the potential to play. Improv is pushing me not only in class, but also in daily life.

Improv gives you self-confidence in everyday life. When challenges come up at work, I’m able to use  the improv mindset of being confident and bold to address them. My job is very analytical, so improv has been a godsend  in terms of exercising my creative muscle. The anticipation collaborating with my fellow improvisers every week makes me feel like I am part of a team.

My advice to people who are thinking about doing  improv is to take a leap of faith and just do it. Even though it is scary, the rewards are intangible. When you are in a scene and you make people laugh, it is the most rewarding feeling. If you are considering trying improv for the first time, don’t let fear stop you. Once you bypass the fear, improv will empower you unlike anything else in your life.

– Kristian Mundahl, BNW SU Student