Joanna is growing through improv, and so are her kids!

I work at the Brave New Workshop as the company accountant, so I have known about the Everyday Improv classes for a while. In my time with The Workshop I have always been interested in the courses we offer, and I am excited to currently be working through Everyday Level 2. Initially I found the idea of improv to be kind of challenging and a little bit uncomfortable, so this was a real opportunity for personal growth for myself. Through my coursework here at the Brave New Workshop Student Union I know my listening skills have improved as well as my ability to just jump in and speak off the cuff. I feel as though I spend less time preplanning and more time just jumping in.

It is challenging for me to think quickly and not plan ahead. I think my biggest improvement has been in reacting to my partner more rapidly. I am getting more and more comfortable with that. On the other hand, there are some aspects of improv that come naturally to me. What comes naturally is just being silly! Improv brings out my inner child and my imagination gets to run free for a change. It is a lot of fun getting to play and laugh!

I also have experience with the Student Union as a parent, as my sons have taken camps and youth classes with the BNW SU. I have been very happy with our experience and it has been great for my kids. It is a very positive atmosphere, very inclusive, communication has been excellent, the staff are friendly and professional, and I know my boys feel safe, welcomed and included.

I have seen big jumps in my children’s self-confidence and I’ve noticed a renewed sense of play. Since giving improv a try I have noticed that they are often making great use of their exceptional imaginations!

I really like the variety of offerings in the Youth and Teen Program, and I appreciate the accommodating time frame of when the classes are offered. I think there is a lot of learning to go along with the play, and students don’t even realize they are learning. It is clear there is a curriculum, but it is delivered in a way that is smooth and comfortable for new students. I love that improv is connected to everyday life and teaching young people about just being a good human.

I would recommend these classes to any parent for three main reasons…

  • They are fun!
  • It’s a growing experience!
  • These classes are for introverts and extroverts alike, aspiring actors, and just regular kids!

Be Brave. Do Improv.