Jeannie Embraces Transformation

Doing improv seemed like a natural fit for me after doing other things in the performing arts like dance and theater. I think that improv has helped me hold onto the vitality of being around others and creating something unexpected. Actually taking classes at BNW SU has helped me become more effective as an improviser in my everyday life. There have been moments in my life when I took a chance and said “yes!” to many opportunities in my life that were possible from my willingness to engage with an improv mindset.

I was recently working in a more corporate setting as a marketing and development director, but I didn’t feel that my values were being reflected in the organization and I made the decision to let it go. Moving on has helped me refocus on cultivating my creative skills and personal growth. And attending classes at BNW SU during and after this transition has helped me stay grounded and make new friends!

I think that one of the really cool things about improv is the way that it forces you to react quickly. I tend to be an over-thinker and doing improv has helped me overcome some of the anxiety I experience from overthinking and overanalyzing things. Once you get into character and just go with it, you experience a sort of runner’s high. I can come to class and “not think about anything” and just commit to keep moving forward.

As I’ve gotten into higher levels of improv classes at BNW SU, I find that I’m getting much more comfortable at jumping into scenes and letting go more easily and more freely. Improv to me, is like an applied meditation. In meditation, we learn to minimize our attachment to how we want a situation to go. Just like in life, things rarely go according to plan, and it’s usually for the best. Doing improv games that limit your creative control of a scene is a great analogy for life. It has helped me embrace the unknown and use improv for my life!

–  Jeannie Farley, BNW SU Student in Everyday Improv Level 3
Be Brave. Do Improv.