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Experience Improv For Life™

“Why would I take an improvisation class? I’m not a performer . . . I’m not funny . . . I am not creative.” The thousands of people in the Twin Cities who’ve taken improv classes at the BNW SU will tell you: “Ah, you’ve got it wrong. Improv is for everyone and we’re all creative.” In fact, improvisation is one of the most innate abilities we have as humans. It’s just that most of us have forgotten how to do it.

The BNW Student Union has been studying and teaching the art form of improvisation for as long as anyone on the planet. Our lifelong pursuit has been helping people unleash their most creative selves ─ no matter where they apply that creative discovery. After working with tens of thousands of individuals, we know that everyone is an improviser. When we practice the mindset and behaviors of improv, the impact to our lives goes well beyond any classroom or stage. And of course, it’s not the Brave New Workshop unless you have some fun and laughs! The stress release is real and genuine. Most of our students will tell you that improv class at the SU is their favorite part of their week.

Our students span all ages, backgrounds and stages of life. And there’s magic in that mix! We believe by sharing your experience with other teachers, single Moms, plumbers, artists, retirees, lawyers, transplants, performers, counselors, Dads, writers, singles, students, doctors, adventurers, and more, that you’ll discover how improv training connects humans in the most unique, real and fun way. We’ve never had a student fail an improv class and we invite you to find out why.

At every stage in life you face challenges. These might include striving in school, raising a family, maintaining healthy relationships, managing a career change, seeking personal development, pursuing an artistic dream, and serving others in the community. Through all of life’s challenges Improv for Life supports your journey and helps you be your best and bravest self.

You can do this! Practicing an improv for life mindset will give you the courage to step into the unknown and bypass your fears. The time you devote to your improv for life mindset helps you discover your authentic self. You’ll be amazed at the ways improv can touch your life.

Our Core Beliefs About Improvisation

  1. You are already an improviser! Everyone is born an improviser. We make choices, take actions, and create solutions in the moment with little information.
  2. Anyone can practice improvisation and get better at the tools and mindset of improvisation.
  3. Fear is natural, but fear is the rival to creativity and confidence. Improvisation is a way to move away from a mindset of fear and into a mindset of discovery/confidence.
  4. Improvisation is a form of “service” because we are constantly showing positive support for other’s ideas and creations.
  5. We can choose and improve our mindset – and improvisation is a way to do that.
  6. Levity and Fun are Healing – practicing improv exercises is fun, can relieve stress and add levity into our day. Levity and laughter are proven to transform your brain, mood and behaviors. Seriously!
  7. We embrace this motto: Improv for Everyone. Improv for Life. Improv for Good.

Where will this adventure take you?

You’ll experience a magical transformation by jumping in and learning the art of improvisation for everyday life. Join the BNW SU to:

  • Bring more spontaneous and outrageous laughter into your life
  • Experience learning improv as a fun catalyst for self-discovery and growth
  • Develop personal confidence to take on the world – Be Brave. Do Improv.
  • Find a deeper appreciation for your unique talents – let your freak flag fly!
  • Unleash your creative expression
  • Improve your communication skills, listen better and speak with ease
  • Tap into your most creative self – pursue your creative dreams
  • Lessen social anxiety to get more comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Exercise your playfulness – it’s ageless
  • Master the skill that can set you apart in your artistic endeavors
  • Develop new friendships and join a growing community of improvisers
  • Overcome your fears and become your best self
  • Experience deep feelings of joy and happiness – yup, improv makes you happy!

What happens at the BNW SU?

The BNW SU is a school unlike any other because fun and laughter is an essential part of the learning journey. Our non-traditional learning environment is engaging, playful and habit-forming. Enjoy moments of discovery and personal growth without cracking a book or listening to lectures. We create a safe, supportive learning environment for beginners and long-time enthusiasts of improv.

A typical BNW SU improv class involves group warm-up exercises to get everyone into the present moment. The laughter and stress release begins here. Then we practice one or two specific improv tools or skills like “saying yes” or “jumping in” or “intentional listening”. We’re on our feet, sharing space and taking turns in a small group. We combine these engaging activities with short discussions with an intention to tune in to all of your creative instincts. And finally, we play! There is no one right way to improvise because it’s an open playground. What is essential in the learning experience is to stretch your boundaries, try things differently, and embrace that sense of “brave play” that is the hallmark of the Brave New Workshop.

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