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The BNW Student Union is the renowned improv school of the Brave New Workshop, the nation’s longest running satirical comedy theatre. We connect the art of improv with the adventure of everyday living, personal growth, and creativity (with frequent bursts of laughter, of course). For decades our time-tested curriculum has inspired thousands of students to live life beyond a script.

What improv classes are offered at the Brave New Workshop Student Union?

The BNW SU offers classes for adults, teens and youth. Our goal is to impact people’s everyday lives with the joy of improv. Please check out our term schedules and classes open for registration here.


The complete BNW SU Adult Everyday Improv Program consists of four class levels. Each one is designed to be completed in sequence. Everyday Improv classes will increase your knowledge and practice of improv in a supportive, encouraging environment full of people just like you!

We also offer adult Everyday Continuing Playgroups for our graduates to continue to improvise inside a group practice arena.

Students who are curious and pressed for time may choose to start their BNW SU improv experience with a 4-week Intro to Improv class.


Our youth and teen improv classes offer a personalized approach to help each student grow their improv skills while having a great time socially. Visit our youth programs to explore improv classes and summer camps for students ages 9-12 and 13-17.

How much experience in improv do I need to take classes?

You do not need any prior experience to take our improv classes — just a desire to learn, grow and have fun.

We attract students from all ages, backgrounds and stages of life. And there’s magic in that mix!  We believe by sharing your experience with other doctors, teachers, students, writers, plumbers, artists, lawyers, creatives, counselors, single parents, Moms, Dads, retirees, transplants, adventurers, singles and more, that you’ll discover how improv connects humans in the most unique, real and fun way. We’ve never had a student fail at improv and we invite you to find out why.

When are improv classes offered? Are the classes ongoing?

All year long! And a full array of improv classes at all levels is offered each term.
The BNW SU calendar displays youth and adult improv classes starting up throughout the year.

How long is each improv session/course and how much do the classes cost?

The Everyday Improv Track for adults consists of four levels and each is eight weeks long. Classes start at $295.

Our youth and teen summer improv camps are one week long (Monday-Friday). Each BNW SU summer camp is $195 – $220 per student.

Our Teen Team Improv program is approximately 16 weeks in length (includes performance events) and the tuition is $350 per student.


Generally, our improv classes are two hours in length. 

Where are the classes located?

Most improv classes are held at 727 Hennepin Ave in Downtown Minneapolis Theater District unless otherwise specified. Check your locations at our online improv class schedule.

How do I register for classes? When do I pay for them?

Register and pay for your BNW SU improv classes online. Payment is required prior to the class start date.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact our Program Director Liz Carey-Linskey at 651-300-6281 or emailing her at

The class already started or starts tonight, can I still register?

Yes, it may be possible! Contact the BNW SU Program Director Liz Carey-Linskey at 651-300-6281.

I've taken improv before, can I skip level 1 and start at a higher level?

We’re delighted to hear you’ve taken improv classes! We’re excited for you to continue your improv journey with us. We encourage you to register for Everyday Improv Level 1 so you can become exposed to the language of improv at BNW SU. After the first class night you and your BNW SU teacher can discuss what level will best serve your learning needs.

Does the BNW Student Union offer internships?

Yes, periodically we accept internship commitments in trade for attending BNW SU improv classes. Internships are awarded based on availability and qualifications.

You may request an application for an internship and inquire about availability by emailing us at

Do I have to take all four levels of Everyday Improv to "get it"?

The simple answer is that it is up to you! Like so many learning endeavors — you get out of it what you put into it. We invite and accept you to experience improv in a way that is meaningful* to you.

You may take as many or as few levels of improv class as you are interested in. If you cannot take all the levels consecutively, but are interested in continuing in the program, you may take breaks as needed.

*While some students simply dip their toe into the art of improv (for an Intro to Improv or Everyday Improv Level 1 course), many complete the whole core experience (Everyday Improv Classes Levels 1-4). Those students who commit to the 32 week program tell us their newly embraced improvisational mindset influences their relationships, personal development, artistic passions and life changing pursuits. Ultimately, it’s this holistic experience that helps our students become their best selves. Ready for your brave new journey?


I registered for classes and am wondering if I got in?

Thank you for registering for Everyday Improv classes! You should receive an e-mail confirming your registration immediately following signing up for class on our registration website.

I am going to be late for a class or miss a class all together, how do I let the instructor know?

If you are going to be late or miss a class we would love to let your teacher know – please email our Program Director Liz Carey-Linskey at or call 651-300-6281 and leave a message to let us know.

I've completed my Improv Class. How I do continue to the next level?

Congratulations! Once you complete your Everyday Improv class at any level, your instructor will give you information about the next course, term dates, and how to register. You can register for that level online here or ask your instructor to assist you.

I've taken Improv Level 1 (2, 3, 4) and had to drop out, can I re-join the program?

We understand life gets busy, things happen – and sometimes you need to take a break in your improv journey. Please come back whenever you are ready! You have options to rejoin at your previous class level for a refresher or move on the next level in the Everyday Improv program. If you are interested in re-enrolling, please contact the BNW SU Program Director Liz Carey-Linskey at or 651-300-6281 to find out your options.