Living in the Moment

Group Fun, Get Loose, Get out of your own head!
Class Title:

Living in the Moment

Session Dates:

March 24th and 25th

Age Level:

18 - 150


Saturday and Sunday


12 PM - 4 PM




$175 (Register by March 4th to receive the early bird discount of $20 off!)

Learning Objectives

Students will: practice a compassionate mindset throughout improvisation activities, remain present minded, practice detachment from expectations during improvisation scenes, practice generous improvisational techniques, including listening and responding with a "Yes, And" mindset.

Elective, Intensive

Focusing your awareness on the present moment can be a challenge, both onstage and off. During this Weekend Workshop, students will practice skills such as reducing expectation, cultivating generosity, and being mindfully aware through fun and thoughtful improvisational games. We’ll explore the intersections between living in the moment in improv and transitioning these moments in our everyday lives. This class will take a further look at how we can enhance our daily lives including helping us to laugh more, lower anxiety and help manage stress. This course is open to students of all experience levels and backgrounds, whether in improvisation or mindfulness.. No prior improv experience is required to enroll.

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Instructor bio:
OLIVIA WULF has been teaching classes and youth camps at the Brave New Workshop since 2015. Along with teaching improvisational theater, she is studying for her English teaching license and working in area schools. Olivia also enjoys saying, “Yes, and” to yoga, camping, and writing.