Everyday Improv Continued Play Group

Embrace Improv for Life!
Class Title:

Everyday Continued Play Group (for graduates)

Age Level:

18 - 150

Days Offered:

None at this time


None at this time


Graduation from our Everyday Program




Are you a graduate of our Everyday Improv Series and want to continue your practice and deepen your improv skills? Joining one of our continuing playgroups is a great way to keep on playing, inspire deeper personal transformation and ensure your discovery mindset stays happy, alive and active.

In our 8-week playgroups you’ll be able to continue mastering the tools and skills you learned in Levels 1 – 4 through stronger scene work, new structure exploration and simple, joyful play. You’ll meet other improvisers from the Everyday Improv program and keep up your practice in this supportive, creative environment. Improv playgroups are offered every term. You may sign up for repeat sessions as often as you like because our improv teachers tailor the experience to address your interests and strengthen your improv skills.

We are not offering any new Continued Playgroup classes at this time. Check out our upcoming Weekend Workshops or sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all BNW SU announcements and events.