Adult Everyday Improv – Level 1

Learn the Basics with Humor and Joy!
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Adult Everyday Improv - Level 1

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18 - 150


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New To Improv
Adult Everyday Improv

This is your starting point to study improv at BNW SU. In Everyday Improv 1, you will learn the basic tenets of improv like “Yes, And,” accepting ideas, making strong declarations and practice these concepts in fun, engaging and easy group games and exercises.

The central theme in Everyday Improv 1 is to exercise your improvisational skills and have fun playing in a safe environment. We encourage you to weave the tools and mindset of improv into your everyday life and guide you to stay in the moment and find your inner confidence. Our undeniably supportive culture will help you steadily inch outside your comfort zone and say “Yes, And!” to your life.

Everyday Improv 1 is the first full-length improv course in our core improv program for Adults. It’s a prerequisite for continuing study in the Everyday Improv Series (Levels 2-4).

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