Laugh. Learn. Repeat. That’s the way it works. We work with you to customize, plan and facilitate training workshops that range from an hour to a full day. No one gets better without practice. It’s an idea so simple that every kid knows it. Yet, somehow, that very basic idea gets overlooked at work more often than not. Our workshops are designed to provide a supportive environment in which your teams can stretch and bond as a group while they hone their communication, collaboration, agility, and problem-solving skills.

Hands-on, laughter-filled sessions, which stretch learners in a safe environment and help them increase their self-awareness and commit to intentional practice of key behaviors

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Customized Leadership Sessions with John Sweeney

John utilizes his extensive expertise in human behaviors, fascinating entrepreneurial background and 15+ years of partnering with Fortune 500 companies to create meaningful, stimulating, deep-dive experiences for leadership and executive teams. He becomes a true partner for the planning teams and designs custom sessions that complement the learning objectives, agenda and desired outcomes for the team. He has been embedded in dozens of innovation and culture-changing initiatives in a wide array of industries and organizational types.


“Laugh and Learn” Team Building Workshops

The basic description of an improvisational scene is: a group of individuals listening to their customers and instantly creating an interesting, engaging product, while in the spotlight. Improvisers are able to collaborate and innovate so rapidly because they abide by certain behaviors and cultural norms. In this session BNW facilitators share some of the key behaviors, demonstrate them in action through live improv demonstrations and allow participants to practice them first hand. Our facilitators create a safe environment of active participation, fun of on-your-feet learning, laughter and discussion. The goal of the session is to facilitate the connection between how the behaviors participants practice can increase their productivity at work, and help them be better collaborators and communicators. The session format is modular and can typically accommodate varying sizes of groups (10-50) and can last from 60 minutes to 3 hours.


Workshops and Seminars for Women

The bold and funny women of the BNW utilize experiential tools, stories and practical exercises, to help business women hone their creative confidence; approach problem-solving from a mindset of abundance; reframe success as a process and most importantly practice taking deliberate action and choosing their next move instead of acting out of habit. The team sprinkles highly entertaining workshops with plenty of humor to highlight key learning points and give learners a chance to practice behaviors that can accelerate their success and power them in the pursuit of their work and life goals. We are able to customize workshops for your team, or host you at one of our public seminars.

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