The point of just about every event we’ve been involved with is the same: get a message across in a memorable way. That message doesn’t have to be complex. Often, it’s as simple as, “thanks for your hard work, enjoy the evening”. We take your professional, very serious corporate communications—whatever they are—and surround them with memorable comedy. We use the same creative processes we use to write our mainstage shows to create original, message-driven comedy that keeps its witty edge, without raising a single HR lawyer’s eyebrow.

The BNW Entertainment Company team will write original, custom scripts; cast talented professional performers; and produce quality videos that address your specific goals.

Recent work with clients has ranged from internal training videos, to viral videos for announcements and e-news, to “mockumentaries” used to motivate sales teams, and event videos designed to help attendees get the most value out of a conference/trade show.

In an age of geographical, time, budget and talent challenges we want to help you deliver messages within your organization in an impactful way that is sticky, meaningful and worth your investment.

First, a thing or two about live webcasts because, as you probably know, these can be a pretty costly proposition.

Hidden within the ETC space is our state-of-the art audio, visual, and lighting equipment. Because we wanted the space to have as many uses as possible, our recent remodel took into consideration the growing number of companies who rely on webcasts to deliver their messages. To that end, the Brave New Workshop has partnered with interactive media company Implex to trick out the ETC for rapid-fire internet connectivity, webcasting, and multimedia.  If you are hoping to broadcast your event live across the Internet, we’ve got you covered and it won’t cost you nearly what you might think.