We know live entertainment – especially comedy – may be perceived as risky. Thankfully we also know how to do it really, really well. First, we listen to you and consider the sensibilities and level of intelligence of your audience. Then, we avoid HR moments and taboo topics while remaining true to our comedy theatre roots.

The BNW, the oldest satirical comedy theater in the nation, is happy to share with your group a show rooted in our comedic tradition. Talented Brave New Workshop actors will perform a 30-50-minute custom improvisational comedy show to fill the room with laughter and create a unique shared experience for the group. Our creative directors collect information from you to determine the right tone and structures for the improv performance based on the scope and size of the event, production timeframe, and casting considerations; to create on-the-spot, hilarious (yet audience-appropriate) comedy scenes incorporating your content and industry jargon.
With a perfect blend of corporate content, appropriate G-PG 13 humor and big time funny, our performances are often the highlight of the event according to client-conducted follow-up surveys.

A creative director gathers your information through questionnaires and personal interviews to incorporate specific messages and “insider information” into scripted material. Custom scripts generally go through two “treatments” where your representatives give input to the BNW creative director as he/she develops the scripts. Throughout the process, we offer guidance on how the art of comedy writing and performance will be used to maximize the impact of your message.

All material is subject to final client review.