We’re one of those venues that can accommodate nearly any type of event including holiday parties, cultural and organizational events, open houses, training sessions, meetings, live performances, and webcasts! We’ve worked with hundreds of clients at thousands of events and we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way. And heck, who wouldn’t want the chance to say they held an event at the nation’s oldest comedy theatre?

What You Can Expect at our Event Venue and Theatre

Holding true to the comedic style and quality customer service traditions of the Brave New Workshop, we offer:

A light-hearted, intimate, and friendly atmosphere

Professional business-minded and accommodating staff and management

Tricked out audio, video, and lighting capabilities

Flexible options for staging and seating

A unique space for events from business meetings, holiday parties, arts and cultural events, to concerts, training sessions and more

Additional meeting services including anything from catering and webcasts to comedy performances and keynote speeches.



The ETC has event space for up to 200 guests, as well as a 203-seat full theatre on the second level. Visit our photo gallery or click on the image below to launch a photo presentation of some sample room configurations. Clicking on the text below will launch some of our existing blueprints with sample room configurations.

Reception for 200

Customized Show for 150


Plated Dinner for 140

Theatre Seating for 256


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[ultimate_modal btn_size=”md” btn_bg_color=”#ad1d0d” btn_txt_color=”#ffffff” btn_text=”Banquet – Less Formal” modal_size=”container” modal_style=”overlay-show-genie”]


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Brave New Workshop SustainabilityWe believe that it’s everyone’s job to try to make the world a better place. That means not just the people on it, but includes taking care of the planet itself. To date, our efforts have been focused on measuring and conserving resources within our theatres. But as the Brave New Citizens, we are on a journey to decrease our ecological footprint in all areas and spark ideas. We encourage anyone who wants to share the journey with us to do so. If you have any ideas or comments on ways we can improve our ecological footprint, in or out of the theater, please do not hesitate to email elena@bravenewworkshop.com.


Energy Conservation

  • Zero incandescent bulbs in the building, all tube fluorescents decreased from 45 to 25 watts;
  • 120,114 kwh saved through switching to primarily LEDs (204, 194 lbs CO2 annual savings);
  • New marquee using only 9% of original energy;
  • Energy Star Dishwasher, average of 10% higher energy efficiency and 12% water efficiency (https://1.usa.gov/hypwhR )


  • Recycled 65.86% of our construction waste (*through July);
  • Set up organics recycling for the building (via Eureka);
  • Donation of unwanted furniture and technology
    1.   10 CPUs, 9 monitors, 2 printers, a fax machine, and various peripherals to PCs for People (https://pcsforpeople.org/);
    2.   a piano to Keys 4/4 Kids (https://www.keys44kids.com/);
    3.   150 chairs to El-Amin Restaurant (https://www.efishhouse.com/);
    4.   60 chairs to Salvation Army (https://thesalarmy.org/);
  • Purchased reusable glassware;
  • Chose a recycler with less than 2% residual rate providing monthly reporting for extra monitoring and measurement;
  • Intentional choice of paper and cleaning products
    1.   Bathroom towels and tissues: 100% recycled, EcoLogo and GreenSeal certified products from Tork.
    2.   Soap and dishwasher cleaning: Ecolab’s Keystone cleaning product line is non-toxic, non-combustible, safe for aquatic life, has less than 1% VOC levels,  contains no Chlorine, NPE, EDTA, or NTA; free of known carcinogens and reproductive hazards; packaging material represents less than 4% of total product weight; Ingredients greater than 100 ppm when diluted for use are readily biodegradable
  • Greenseal certified glass and multi–purpose cleaner from Johnson Diversey;
  • Compostable trash bags;
  • Low VOC paint throughout the whole building;
  • Low VOC water based adhesive to mount the panels in the ETC
  • 100% recyclable, completely PVC-free carpet (XX square feet)


Project 824

Brave New Workshop’s Project 824 reflects the company’s longstanding spirit of service and citizenship and its owners’ philanthropic commitment. As part of the initiative, the BNW offers the Experimental Thinking Centre (ETC) event venue free of charge to local and global community organizations, causes, individuals and social enterprises that aim to showcase innovative ideas and contribute to humanity’s ability to solve pressing problems and create a better world. BNW’s Project 824 is named as such not only in reference to the physical address of the Brave New Workshop and ETC venues, but as a bold commitment to use the space in this manner for at least 824 events.

We are proud to announce that we have had over 35 Project 824 events on the books to date!

Project 824 Application
Project 824 Qualification
Project 824 Marketing



  • Cleaning company: Building Resources (90% full-time employees provided with health insurance, over time, bonus pay, and professional development opportunities)
  • Recycler: Eureka Recycling (self-sustainable non-profit organization, leader in the movement to eliminate waste)
  • Caterers: Common Roots, Mintahoe, Premier Catering, Pinstripes Catering

Community brainstorming design sessions

Engaged various stakeholders, from audience goers, to neighborhood residents and business owners, to corporate clients and non-profit partners to generate ideas around the use of the building, its technology and sustainability features. Generated close to 4000 unique ideas.


  • Self-funding arts organization committed to helping people be their best selves
  • The more we do, the more you laugh, the more you grow, personally and professionally.
  • Webcasting capabilities to enable virtual communication/collaboration.
  • A new revenue stream (corporate rentals) to solve bandwidth issues and change current unsustainable lifestyle for BNW’s leaders.
  • Maintaining two locations and increasing employment opportunities beyond current staff.