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Mindset of Discovery: Your Superpower

The definition of the Mindset of Discovery emerged from 20 years of helping companies build and activate cultures aligned with their values and fueled by engaged leaders and innovators, able to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Joy, Creativity & Community – Introducing Virtual Brave Tuesdays

Play, joy and community await you! Join our virtual learning cohort and learn how to move away from a mindset of fear using our proven methodology and approach – transformative laughter.

Looking Back at Events in 2019

2019 was a year full of innovation and learning – we are SO grateful to have had the opportunity to share transformative laughter with you all!

3 Things Great Leaders are Concerned with in 2020

Happy Holidays from the Brave New Workshop! As we enter into a new decade, I wanted to share some observations I’ve made in the past year while working with leaders of some of the best companies in the world.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Emcee

Event professionals unanimously agree:  hiring a professional emcee to host your event is worth the cost. Here are five reasons why:

John Sweeney: Six Ways to Practice Listening Right Now

To get better and spend more time in the Mindset of Discovery, we must practice the behaviors that lead us there.
John Sweeney, co-author of The Innovative Mindset and owner of the Brave New Workshop comedy theatre, gives six suggestions for practicing the art of “Listening.”

Behind the Mask: Aerial Observations

I was the one in the owl costume. If you attended our fall 2018 MNovation conference, you probably noticed the avian trio strutting around the conference center and down Hennepin Ave. They were a lovely bunch. Well, some of them. There was the duck. A fuzzy yellow...

Innovative Learning and Development Leader: Five Things to Know for Sure

Soft skills matter. They are what define the 21st century worker and will be all that’s left after the robots take over. An employee can produce only a certain amount of product without a proper handle on soft skills. For example, an innovator in the automotive world will have no luck marketing his or her product without prowess in public speaking. In the current industry climate, these types of skills are becoming increasingly essential. Companies do not simply want the work done; they want it done well. And until robots figure out how to lead a multi-faceted interactive speaking seminar, that’s up to us.