The core of every one of our keynotes is our desire to help you motivate, energize and spur your employees to action. To do that, before we set foot in front of your audience, we work with you to find out everything we can about your event and your company. What’s appropriate? What’s off-limits? What are your goals? What are your challenges? Then we use those discoveries to deliver a targeted, insightful, and entertaining professional keynote speech that drives results and changes behaviors.

John Sweeney – Inspiring Innovation At The Speed Of Laughter

John Sweeney is changing the face of business through powerful, interactive keynotes that wow every single time.

John shines a light on the important role mindset and everyday behavior play in an organization’s ability to capitalize on change, drive employee engagement, and build customer relationships.

For 18+ years he has been helping forward-thinking global companies look beyond the skills and tools they invest in and truly move the needle by including mindset and behavior in their strategy. John shines in front of executive level audiences, and is consistently ranked as the top speaker – both in style and substance.

Not to mention that he is hilarious.

“John brings a rich and high energy perspective on innovation. He has brought great value to a wide-variety of my executive and mid-level audiences over the years. The requests to “bring John back” speaks well of his impact on others. I would highly recommend him if your interest is developing a culture of increased innovation…and you are willing to have a bit of fun along the way!”

Kevin Wilde

Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, General Mills

Margi Simmons – Powering Your Best Self

Margi influences audiences through her sincere sense of empathy and dedication to helping individuals grow and reach their potential. She advocates small shifts in our every-day behavior, to help us quiet our inner critics and foster habits of gratitude, authenticity and trust. Margi compels audiences to focus their mental and emotional energy intentionally and choose to actively co-create the environments they work in. She excels at inspiring individual contributors and leaders, women-focused organizations, diversity networks, educators, non-profit audiences and young professionals.

“Margi did a great job of connecting to our business model and goals. The advisors understood that leveraging the Mindset of Discover will help them better connect with clients leading to better relationships with these clients.”

Jennifer Mathews

Senior Marketing Manager, Ameriprise