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Our youth and teen improv classes offer a personalized approach to help each student grow their improv skills while having a great time socially. The BNW SU teachers help students find their own path to creativity and “play” on stage. The curriculum emphasizes instinctive play to develop confidence, enhance listening and speaking skills, and build trust among teammates. Additionally, students learn skills for ensemble dynamics and basic acting.

Our youth and teen classes are held in a highly supportive environment with expert guidance. Our goal is to help students embrace improvisation and boost their self-confidence in their innate talents.

Check out our renowned Summer Camps and Teen Team program, as well as check back often for new classes and our periodic workshops for youth and teens with partnering organizations (see below or learn more at Improv for Good).


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Teen Improv Teams

Do you love comedy, are interested in being more creative or simply want to build your confidence and explore your imagination? Sign up to be on one of our Teen Improv Teams!...

Youth Improv Team

Do you love comedy? Are you interested in being more creative? How about build your confidence and explore your imagination? Then apply to be on our Youth Team! Our coaches work with...

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