Mindfulness-Based Improvisation

Group Fun, Get Loose, Get out of your own head!
Class Title:

Mindfulness-Based Improvisation

Session Dates:

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Age Level:

18 - 150




7 PM - 9 PM





Learning Objectives

Students will: practice a compassionate mindset throughout improvisation activities, remain present minded, practice detachment from expectations during improvisation scenes, practice generous improvisational techniques, including listening and responding with a "Yes, And" mindset.


Mindfulness-based improvisation is all about staying in the moment, both onstage and off. During this four-week course, students will practice mindfulness-based skills, such as reducing expectation and cultivating generosity, through fun and thoughtful improvisational games. We’ll explore the intersections between the practice of improv and the practice of mindfulness and how each can enhance our daily lives including helping us to laugh more, lower anxiety and help manage stress. This course is open to students of all experience levels and backgrounds, whether in improvisation or mindfulness.