At the BNW we practice Improv for Life™! Our adult improv classes and educational experiences attract students from all ages, backgrounds and stages of life, and there’s magic in that mix. Our instructors facilitate a safe, supportive atmosphere for all and our culture of undeniable support ensures a space of respectful learning, ongoing collaboration and authentic community.


55+ Adult Improvisation

Aging can be a joyful experience instead of a stressful one when we apply the tools of improvisation. Get in touch with your imagination, creativity and playfulness by taking this improv course. Through games and exercises you’ll learn improv skills that help strengthen your memory, improve your concentration, and develop your ability to focus. Stimulate your mind and body while you laugh and learn. Improv is an ageless practice and finding vitality is necessary for all phases in life, so we encourage anyone 55+ to participate. No prior improv experience is required to enroll.

Our long-running 55+ Adult Improvisation program has been a popular creative and social daytime outlet for older adults for more than 15 years! We are excited to be offering a new session of 55+ daytime improv in the 2020 Spring season.

Classes will begin on March 17th and run through May 12th. Each week this course will meet on Tuesdays from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM at the Brave New Workshop Student Union, located at 727 Hennepin Avenue.

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Brave Tuesdays (New for 2019!)

A weekly exploration and practice of creativity, community and courage.  Join us at Brave Tuesdays: a 10-week community learning experience where we exercise our creativity, rekindle our grit and stretch our minds by practicing the time-tested principles and behaviors founded in our 60+ year study of improvisation and the mindset of discovery. Guided by master facilitators of the renowned Brave New Workshop, each two-hour session helps you discover ways to become more present, joyful and confident so that you can get more done and create the life and impact you want to have. We’re here to inspire, support and champion your desire to find your voice, move out of your comfort zone and connect with your happiest, best self.  Open to adults 18+ and classes held at one of our Downtown Minneapolis locations.

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Enjoy the thrill of playing in groups as you learn the basic building blocks of improv.


Jump in to the full life-changing improv experience with our groundbreaking Everyday Improv core curriculum (start with Level 1 above, and continue through Levels 2 – 4). Join the more than 35,000 humans who have unleashed their creativity and experienced transformational growth through the joyful practice of improv at the BNW SU. Note: our students take the Everyday Improv courses in sequence.


Find new ways to play, grow and enrich your improv for life practice. Open to new students, Everyday Improv graduates, and SU alumni. Have an idea for a course? Check back often for new offerings. Get in touch.

Note: some electives specify prerequisites.

Living in the Moment

Focusing your awareness on the present moment can be a challenge, both onstage and off. During this Weekend Workshop, students will practice skills such as reducing expectation, cultivating generosity, and being mindfully...

Aging Well with Improv

Aging can be a joyful experience instead of a stressful one when we apply the tools of improvisation. Get in touch with your imagination, creativity and playfulness by taking this improv course....